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In January 2016, Nautilus set out to build a new customer relationship management system (CRM) for the existing website – the first for the Union. The system was developed with members in mind, with the ability to store date in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

With data protection regulations changing since the last General Meeting, in 2015, the new CRM had to be fully GDPR compliant. New members signing up had to be told where their data will be stored; that it will be safely stored; and will not be used for any extraneous marketing or operational reasons, other than the ones stated in the signing up process. The new CRM not only meets GDPR but is also built to a standard where data management operations and analysis are time efficient.

The system allows Nautilus to interrogate where members are, gives them the ability to update their details online and, most importantly, empowers them to get more out of the Union.

It also complements Nautilus’s new website. Both these internal and public platforms have the same high standards of functionality – built with any user, colleague or member in mind.



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Nautilus Awards

Nautilus makes several awards to members and other maritime professionals, listed below for their achievements:

The Nautilus Bevis Minter Award

The Bevis Minter Award recognises trainees in the industry who demonstrate determination and a particularly positive attitude to succeed in their chosen career. The winner is nominated by their college and can be at any stage of officer training.

  • 2018 – Andras Hatsek

  • 2017 – Declan Fyans

  • 2016 – Declan Rogers

  • 2015 – Caera Kimmitt

The Nautilus Award for the Most Socially-Minded Professional Yacht Cadet

This award is presented on a yearly basis, at the end of phase one of the United Kingdom Sailing Academy’s professional yacht cadetship. It is given to the cadet who looks out for others, motivates their team and helps get the best out of their colleagues, as well as themselves. The prize is a Leatherman multitool – a practical item, useful for any deckhand working onboard a superyacht.

  • 2019 – Jean Paul Baudains

  • 2018 – Charlotte Reynolds

  • 2017 – Lisa Maycock

Nautilus / Inmarsat Photo Competition

  • 2015 – Captain Richard Turnbull, David Barfoot

The Nautilus Award for the Most Socially-Minded Dutch Student

This award is presented to the student who supports and encourages their team and gets the most out of all they work with.

  • 2019 – Lyone Poulo 

    Mike Koelstra 
    Roos Mijnlieff
  • 2018 – Jesse Schievink 

    Frank Klok 
    Maroussia Janssen
  • 2017 – Floris van Os 

    Wouter van Rijs 
    Bryan ten Dam
  • 2016 – Femke van Klink 

    Jesse Rob 
    Joeri Neels

Upcoming Awards

Recipients of the following awards will be announced at the General Meeting 2019 (where made):

The Nautilus Award

This award recognises exceptional professional work by members. At the General Meeting 2015, it was presented to the crew of RFA Argus, who played a key role in the UK mission to combat the spread of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

The Nevins & Griffiths Award

The council considers a wide range of criteria in determining this very special award, including acts of bravery, community work, academic achievements and Nautilus activity. At the General Meeting 2015, it was presented to Gordon Thompson, for his service to the Union following his 20-year role as a Trustee Director.

The General Secretary’s Award

This new award recognises the achievement of activists, such as a Lay Rep/ Cadre Leden/ Vertrauensleute, who have shown exemplary determination and commitment to the Union’s goals and support of their fellow members.

Honorary membership

The Rules of the Union allow honorary membership to be conferred by the Council on any person it regards as having given outstanding service in the furtherance of the interests of the Union or its members. This award is only granted rarely, with the last three recipients being John Prescott MP, in 2001; Lord Murray of Epping Forest, former Trustee of the MNAOA and then NUMAST, in 2002; and, in 2013, Cleo Doumbia-Henry, Director of the International Labour Standards Department of the ILO.

The Victoria Drummond Award

Presented to women and men whose achievements boost the profile of women at sea, this award was presented to Captain Barbara Campbell at the General Meeting 2015. It was awarded in recognition of her distinguished maritime career and her volunteer and charitable work with the Sail Training Association and Jubilee Sailing Trust.

Awards & Recognition

Nautilus has been recognised with a range of awards since 2015, from individual honours within the maritime industry to the Union’s achievements, which acknowledge the work of the Union’s staff.

  • Merchant Navy Medal 2018 – Mark Dickinson

  • Merchant Navy Medal 2017 – Allan Graveson

  • British Empire Medal for services to seafarers’ welfare 2017 – Mike Jess

  • International Transport Workers’ Federation Gold Badge for distinguished services 2018 – Nick Bramley

  • Shortlisted for best dementia nurse specialist/ lead 2018 – Alison Ellison

  • Seahorse environment journalist of the year 2017 – Andrew Linington

  • Investors in People 2017-2020 – Nautilus International

  • International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network Dierk Lindemann Welfare award 2018 – Nautilus Welfare Fund

  • Overall Best Association, Association Excellence Awards 2018 – Nautilus International

  • Gold Charity/Not-for-Profit category, Public Relations & Communications Associations (PRCA) Dare Awards 2018 – Nautilus International

  • Bronze, Overall Best Association, European Association Awards 2018 – Nautilus International

  • Silver, Best Association Website, Association Excellence Awards 2018 – nautilusint.org

  • Highly Commended, Best Communication for reps and activists, TUC Communications Awards 2019 – Nautilus eChristmas card

  • Winner, Best Membership Communication, Journal, TUC Communications Awards 2017 – Nautilus Telegraph

  • Winner, Best Membership Communication, Digital, TUC Communications Awards 2017 – nautilusint.org

  • Highly commended, Best designed communication, TUC Communications Award 2017 – Nautilus Campaigns

  • Winner, Best membership communication, Journal, TUC Communications Awards 2015 – Nautilus Telegraph

  • Winner, Best Membership Communication, Digital, TUC Communications Awards 2015 – nautilusint.org

  • Winner, Best Membership Communication, Communication, TUC Communications Awards 2015 – Maternity and Paternity Guidelines

  • Merit, Best use of Digital Media 2015 – nautilusint.org


Arnold Sta

Former official of the Federatie van Werknemers in de Zeevaart (FWZ) and long-standing friend of Nautilus, Arnold Sta died on 25 September 2016.

Arnold attended the Maritime Academy, in Amsterdam, before joining the then VNS (United Dutch shipping company), where he served for nine years. He then moved to the Association of Captains and Officers in the Merchant Navy (VKO) and the FWZ, which later became Nautilus NL.

Arnold served as Treasurer from 1988 until 2002 and was a part-time advisor to Nautilus until September 2012. He also worked with various Dutch maritime welfare organisations and had been a director of the Merchant Marine, Seafish and FNV pension funds.

Bob Elliott

Bob Elliott was an official in the UK from October 1961 to his retirement, in February 1990, although he continued to
work part-time for a further five years. He passed away on 11 December 2017, aged 89.

Bob was an apprentice, third, second and Chief Officer with Elder Dempster Lines from 1944 to 1958 and went on to join the Merchant Navy and Airline Officers’ Association (MNAOA) as Assistant District Secretary in the Liverpool office, in 1961. He was appointed Regional Secretary in Liverpool, in October 1965 and continued in that role until his retirement.

The Liverpool office was frequently the training ground for new staff who were able to draw from Bob’s considerable knowledge and experience. His conduct in negotiations with many companies and his management of the regional office function were exemplary.

John Thomson

John Thomson passed away in August 2019 following a long battle with cancer.

John began his seagoing career with BP in 1964 and rose to the rank of Chief Engineer in 1996, following numerous spells ashore. He became a consultant in 2008 and wanted to put something back into the industry. He was involved in the Professional & Technical Forum of Nautilus and went on to be elected as its Chair in 2015, until ill health led to him having to reduce his commitments.

He was also a passionate supporter of young maritime professionals and acted as a mentor as well as being a regular maritime ambassador, talking to school children about a career at sea.

Billy Parker

Billy Parker passed away on 1 August 2019, aged 87. He became a member of the Merchant Navy and Airline Officers’ Association (MNAOA) in 1975 whilst working for Common Brothers. He went on to work for Seaforth Maritime as Chief Officer.

Billy began working for the MNAOA in 1976, as a District Official in the South Shields office. He was appointed to the Aberdeen office in 1980 and became a District Organiser at that time.